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Posted 11/14/2017

Important tips to remember for your heater in the summer

Important tips to remember for your heater in the summer

Summers are the time you can go to the beach amd get a tan or enjoy surfing if you live next to the coast. A lot of people take up cycling and running as a way to get that summer bod. But when you get home, it is time to crank up that AC and enjoy the cool breeze. However you might have noticed that your ACs require annual maintenance and refrigerant filling. That is because the components of the HVAC systems require consistent care throughout the year, to run at optimal levels. Similarly your heater gets completely ignored during the summers. When winters come, you face the same problem with your heater as you do with your AC in the summers.

You may be excited as summers come, but don’t completely forget about what kept you cozy during those harsh winter months just waiting for summer to arrive. It is better to prepare for the upcoming weather in advance, rather than last minute when it becomes difficult to get a HVAC technician to visit your home. You might be inclined to take matters in to your own hands but that can backfire. Here are six ways to maintain a proper functioning heater through the summer.

The sooner the better

If by the end of winter, your heater was making knocking sounds but you thought it was wise not to waste money in repairs that year and pushed through with it, that could have been a mistake. Heating and cooling equipment should be repaired immediately when they start to malfunction. Postponing the issue can actually cause the problem to grow further. Postponing it for a whole year might lead to the problem becoming irreparable and you might have to replace the unit entirely. As mentioned before, scheduling a professional repair agency can be a pain due to seasonal over bookings and will definitely cost more. Repair agencies take advantage of the urgency and use it as an excuse to charge you higher rates. Of course there is also no guarantee that the problem would be fixed with just one visit. On average it takes 3 visits for the problem to be entirely fixed.

Using a heat pump in the winter

People often forget that heat pumps are not just to warm their homes in the winters. They can also be used to cool your home in the summer. A heat pump is a cheaper alternative to bigger air conditioning systems. Heat pumps work by transferring heat to the outside of the house and help cool it.  But if you refuse to repair your heat pump, you will eventually end up with high cost of repairs as well as higher air conditioning expenses. Switching the settings on the heat pump from heating to cooling doesn’t solve the issues with the heating. You need to get professional help to avoid hassles as winter comes again.

Spring can be full of surprises

Weather can be unpredictable at times. You must have heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” which means spring does not automatically come with sunshine and warm weather but it does bring a lot of rain and wind. When the time comes, you need to be prepared beforehand with all your equipment functioning properly. You might need to use the heater during these temporary chilly days. Depending on where you live, you might face cold and unpredictable summer days and nights.

Hazardous materials

Forced air heating and cooling systems use the same network of ducts and vents for your heater and air conditioner. Dust and debris can collect in these vents over time. Not to mention gas and refrigerant leaks that can occur without warning any time of the year. So it becomes essential to schedule regular duct cleaning appointments to prevent waste build-ups from affecting the efficiency of the HVAC system. As long as the heating and cooling unit will run at optimal levels, your utility cost of gas and electricity will remain under control. It also makes a difference on the quality of air so it is free from carbon monoxide. You can install carbon monoxide detectors to monitor levels at all times.

A word of advice would be not to lean items such as boxes, bicycles and toys to block the vents in the floor and baseboards. A backdraft in the system can cause it to shut down completely.

Added benefits

Getting your heater repaired in the summers and your ACs in the winters is that the equipment is already powered off. This does not cause discomfort to other members of the family and does not interfere with the heating and cooling needs of the season. Also, off season purchases and repairs get you lower prices and visitation rates.

Reducing summer energy bills

You might not be aware of the fact that heater issues can cause your summer utility bills to increase since some parts may still be running without your knowledge. Faulty parts run inefficiently and use more energy. To track consumption and expenses keep track of the units consumed on your monthly bills.

Final word

You should know by now that paying attention to your heater in the summer is more important than you may have thought. With the advancement in heating and cooling equipment the technology has become complex and requires more maintenance. Gas furnaces, if ignored can become a dangerous explosive and cause more damage to your home than you might think.

If you rent, maintenance falls under the responsibility of the property owner and building manager. However if you are a homeowner, you have to take care of this as it poses a health and life risk. Simple tasks such as changing the AC filters can be done by yourself but for all other purposes you will need to call for professional help. Do not take your heating and cooling system for granted and maintain it properly.